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General Information: Many visitors think this is the prettiest island of the Sporades, or even Greece, since the buildings are old and white, with huge bougainvillea and flowerpots, it's full of churches and it is completely covered with forest. The landscape is dramatic, with high mountains and deep valleys. The island is composed of two rock massifs of unequal size. A narrow plain that runs from the bay of Skopelos, the capital, south to Cape Stafilos, separates the two parts. The smaller, eastern part is very steep and inaccessible. The summit of the cliffs, is Palouki, the maximum height is 567 m. Skopelos located very near to Alonissos and Skiathos. Around Skopelos there are the small islands of Mikro and agios Geoorgios
283396 4057421313791 647540981 nThe capital, Skopelos, is quite big but very quiet and clean. Most beaches on the island are pebble beaches, and it is a good idea to rent a vehicle to get around. The town of Skopelos is a traditional island town with characteristic architecture and beautiful streets. It has been declared as a heritage settlement. The countryside and the entire island is full of old traditional churches
Skopelos has been marketed by most major tour operators as a quiet island best suited for couples and families. This is not completely true, since there are many bars and quite a few clubs on the island. It is not a place for partying all day and all night, but there is quite a good nightlife in a jazzy, sophisticated way.
The locals work with agriculture and tourism, and there are also fishermen.
Skopelos hotels skopelos studios and complex apartments are on this island. Because there is a big photograph exhibition here every summer the island gets quite cosmopolitan, with photographers and visitors from all over Greece and the rest of the world.
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Explore beaches in Skopelos

mamma mia aAs you stay in Sunrise Hotel you always can drive with your car or motor bike in special places where the sun is shining and the sea has many exotic colors.  
Below is a simple guide to visit most popular beaches in Skopelos island.
The beaches of the island are a combination of green (because of the pine trees) and blue. We suggest you to swim at Stafilos, Agnontas, Panormos and Milies beaches, as well as at Kastani, where the movie “Mamma Mia” was filmed.
You can hire a motor bike named “gourouna” and with your partner hit the road from your hotel in port of Skopelos away to the beach!
But you can hire a car A little one yellow or blue and drive from Stafylos road wich is 5 klm more.
Of course there is an other way driving from Health Center then you find a crossroad and drive from the monastery of S Riginos you go to Panormos,Milia, Elios, Hovolo, Loutraki.
Enjoy a daily cruise to the national marine park around Alonissos island, which is famous for the Mediterranean seals and dolphins (trip boats depart from the old port of Skopelos town).
Explore beaches:
SKOPELOS-babe1. Stafilos beach Skopelos: This nice bay is just 4 kilometres south of Skopelos Town, accessible by local bus or private car. A nice tavern is welcoming the visitor, offering fresh fish; then, wooden steps are leading down to the lovely pebble bay with fine grey sand and crystal-clear waters.
At the beginning of Stafilos, sun beds, umbrellas and a beach bar are offered; for those who prefer non- organized beaches, the other half of Stafilos is the place to go.
2. Agnondas beach Skopelos: The paved road from Staphylos beach leads to a lovely bay where the beautiful pebble beach of Agnondas is.The name Agnondas was given to the bay, during antiquity, by its inhabitants to honour Agnodas who won a race at the Olympic Games in 569 BC. This bay is also the third port of Skopelos where ships and ferries anchor when the winds prevent them from reaching the other ports of the island. The small village above the beach has hotels, rooms for rent and taverns.
3. Panormos beach Skopelos: This sandy pebble beach is enclosed in a beautiful bay, enclosed with two small islets at its entrance. Panormos is popular and can be very crowded during summer; it offers sun beds, umbrellas and various water sports. Near the beach is the little town of Panormos with waterside taverns, hotels and cafes. Next to the sea are traces of ancient walls.
Skopelos paralia Mhlia4. Milia beach Skopelos: Further north on the coastline the landscape becomes precipitous and the pine forest denser; here is the famous and beautiful beach of Milia, a long, white sandy beach extending for nearly a kilometre alongside the pine trees. The sand in Milia is particularly fine and glimmering white and the turquoise waters are incredibly limpid and calm. The verdant islet called Dassia stands opposite this marvellous beach and adds a final touch to the beauty of this idyllic landscape. A nice beach bar, sun beds and umbrellas are located in the middle of Milia. This beautiful beach is particularly popular with wind surfers.{jcomments on}

Sporades islands-Skopelos

pool 02Visit Sporades islands.
Three green islands like little green paradise in Aegean sea.
Find the way to arrive in Skopelos Skiathos Alonnisos.
The more you explore Greece the more you feel as your lovely destination for holidays. Sporades islands -Skiathos Skopelos Alonnisos are located close to Agios Konstantinos port and Volos too. With high speed boat about 2.30 hours start your Sporades holidays in a traditional village close to the sea. You can stay in a country house in Skopelos or a luxury hotel in Skiathos or in a pension in Alonnisos island.
You can swimm in a little golf surrounded from pines … Taste the local foods fruits etc… Visit the old castle towers and museums in the main village of every island. Do not forget to visit the byzantine monasteries in Skopelos at the east mountain close to Skopelos town.
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